Together We Will Rebuild

"An Event That Will Change Everything"

On July 23, 2018, the Carr fire was ignited in French Gulch, Ca and quickly turned into a Northern California nightmare.

As of Saturday morning on July 28th, more than 80,000 acres have burned, destroying over 500 structures and claiming the lives of two first responders and three civilians.

We are far from in the clear at only 5% containment and are actively praying for our firefighters, our law enforcement, our EMS teams, and our volunteers as they fight for our homes and our land and protect and support our people.

Redding and it’s surrounding communities are truly incredible. We are strong. Our towns are filled with good, good people. It is humbling and encouraging to watch the mass efforts being made on behalf of everyone affected by this tragedy. As the involved agencies began to wade through dozens of fire donation pages and fire relief fund requests, the need became evident for a landing spot. A page supported by trusted agencies and community leaders.

So we created A qualified caseworker will work together with all of the organizations listed to delegate 100% of the funds collected to restoring our city and supporting the survivors of the Carr fire.

We will rebuild.

And we will come back stronger, more united, and more grateful for our city and it’s people. We will rise.

The Plan

When the fire is contained and the ash is settled, these funds will be used to put boots to the ground and begin a rebuild of our city.

There are several organizations meeting the immediate needs of evacuees, and we are so grateful. In an effort to fill the gap when the current emergency is over, 100% of the funds will go to mid-term and long-term funding needs.

We have the ability to keep the funding within our city, and it gives local leadership who deeply care about the state of our community the capability to direct funding exactly where is it needed the most and where it will be used most effectively.

About Us

When devastation happens, those who are impacted become the sun by which others orbit around.  Right now, the community we all love so much is literally in flames.  We have evacuated, have loved ones who have lost everything and don’t have a current end in sight to the destruction caused by the Carr Fire.  We have come together because we can no longer feel helpless, because together, we aren’t helpless. So we created strongerthancarr.com100% of funds donated will assist in restoring our city and supporting the survivors of the Carr Fire.

Together, we are Stronger Than Carr!

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